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Academy associated classes offering...
...are listed on the forms below for those not attending the complete academy.
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Classes are being set up in Genesee County...
for members of those departments that hold membership with the Genesee County Association of Fire Chiefs (GCAFC).  Some are closed, meaning on the course manager can registger students, and some are not.  In order to encumber state fireworks funding, classes need to be register in SMOKE.  The classes are listed in the table below.  As the registration forms (Reg Form) become available, they will be posted on line.

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Course # SMOKE ID Description Course Manager Instructor(s) Dates Hours Location Closed Reg Form Form
C01C 0353 Initial Fire Investigation
for the First Responder
CLICK HERE for the student manual
Brent Cole Bob Hill 1/27 & 28 16 Clio #1 Yes DOCX PDF 1/22
L10A 0353 Chimney Fires Brent Cole Tim Seal 2/17 4 Clio #1 Yes DOCX PDF 2/12
K10B 0356 Elevator Training Brent Cole John Smilnak 2/24 4 Burton #2 Yes DOCX PDF 2/19
Q37A TBD Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Brent Cole  Joshua Sturgis OFFT delay 16 Fenton City TBD DOCX PDF 2/19
I10A TBD Leadership I Bill Miller Ed Blight 4/14 12 SCAFD #1 No DOCX PDF 4/1
H07B 0379 Instructor I (1) Ed Blilght Blight/Wlosinski 4/06, 7, 8, 28 & 29 40 Mundy #2 No DOCX PDF 3/2
I11A TBD Leadership II Bill Miller Gary Kautz 4/28 12 SCAFD #1 No DOCX PDF 4/16
I12A TBD Leadership III Bill Miller Ed Blight 5/12 12 SCAFD #1 No DOCX PDF 4/30
G02B TBD Health & Safety Bill Miller Bill Miller 5/19 16 SCAFD #1 No DOCX PDF 5/7
Q54A 0353 Advanced Pump Operations Brent Cole  Danny Evans 6/01, 2 & 3 20 Clio #1 TBD DOCX PDF 5/18
I15A TBD ICS 300 Bill Miller Bill Miller 6/8, 9 & 10 20 Mundy #2 No DOCX PDF 6/1
I16A TBD ICS 400 Bill Miller Bill Miller 6/23 & 24 16 Mundy #2 No DOCX PDF 6/1
A25X 0390 Firefigthter I & II retest Brent Cole N/A 8/25   SCAFD #1 No SMOKE 7/23
K02A 0356 Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Brent Cole Carl Hein 9/08 20 Burton #2 Yes DOCX PDF 8/30
H03A TBD Educational Methodolgy Bill Miller Laynett Cole 9/29 15 SCAFD #1 No DOCX PDF  
TBD = To be determined; Yes = only GCAFC members  No = open to state wide enrollment
OFFT delay = course needs to go before the council for approval on February 13, 2018. The registration form will soon be available.
Under Reg Form, click on the appropriate link for either a Microsoft Document file or PDF
(1) The application for Instructor I, sent to the state, can be found here.

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